Every Day is a Gift – Do you need a soul reboot? Do you feel stuck in a rut most days? Do you dread getting out of bed? Have you fallen into a habit of complaining? In this book, I share my own journey in overcoming these same obstacles by finding a more grateful attitude. Practicing gratitude is something that has truly helped me to have a better outlook on life and a closer walk with God. Find more information on this book here.

You Are Redeemed – So many people today are just going through the motions of life. We allow other people’s opinions and the world’s perceptions to define us. And Christians in particular, who have been set free, still live their lives in chains. It is time for a change. It is time to tap into your true identity in Jesus. And it is time for you to finally accept God’s immeasurable love for you. Find more information on this book here.

Giving God Your Whole Heart – Our lives should be satisfying. Yet too often we feel empty inside, as though we are just a spectator watching our own lives pass us by. Are you ready to discover true contentment, peace, and joy in your life? Once you decide to stop going through the motions and to start living, your life will be transformed. This book will help you see positive changes in every area of your life and finally find true fulfillment. Find more information on this book here.

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