Wow! What a Review!

Wow! Check out this phenomenal book review! This lovely lady reads a ton of books. So I am deeply honored that she thought so highly of Every Day is a Gift. If you love to read, you might want to follow her blog… 🎁

Book Review

2 Comments on “Wow! What a Review!

  1. Thank you miss Bridget
    This is a gift to all , there isn’t enough books ,like yours !
    This is so exciting to tell you , I read your book , and
    Loved it so much , I have started reading it again .
    It’s so inspiring, a wonderful start of a day , and a calming of your spirit before bed .
    I hope you have a Blessed journey, with this book ,
    And hopefully God will inspire you to write more .
    Your friend in our lord. arlie


    • Thank you so very much! Your sweet words warmed my heart! I am ecstatic to hear that you enjoyed the book so much, that you even started reading it again! That truly makes me so very happy! 🙂


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