When You Encounter a Roadblock, Take a Detour!

When You Encounter a Roadblock, Take a Detour!

— Read on christiansread.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/when-you-encounter-a-roadblock-take-a-detour/

About a month ago I joined the team of bloggers for Christians Read. I now post on that site every other Thursday. Here is the post I wrote this past Thursday. Enjoy! 😊

2 Comments on “When You Encounter a Roadblock, Take a Detour!

  1. I am so excited because this book got me to read ! That’s right as I have said I have never had the time or desire to read . Since I have heard so much about this book , I wanted to see for myself , and did I ever this book is very well written, very up lifting , while reading you become very calm and a piece comes over you. I loved this book so much I read it three times ! And believe it or not ,each time I read it , I got more out of it than I did before . I take the book to bed with me . Just you God and the book , and that’s the most peaceful time , of your life ! For people like me , it’s really important to read it a few times . You understand it better , because it grabs hold of you , in the quiet of your room. You have a peaceful sleep and a different you upon rising .
    I am so happy my friends told me of Miss Bridget’s
    book , and while I am itching to read it again, I sure ,hope our Lord , helps her with another.
    The book is written like she is a friend of yours , so honest , and true . She is like a lot of us , because, the more you read , you see yourself. So you can easily relate , you feel like she is talking to you !
    This is such a new experience for me , I have always been envious of someone, that said , I’m going home to unwind , cuddle up in my comfy chair , with a cup of tea and a good book ! I never knew what it was like , now I do ! !

    Thank you so much miss Bridget.
    I’ll. Be waiting !


    • Arl, thank you so much for your beautiful words. It is so wonderful to hear how much you are enjoying “Every Day is a Gift!” I am honored to know that you have read it three times. This truly warms my heart. God bless you! ❤️


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