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Greater Is He

Several weeks ago I wrote about The Best Thing I Did All Year. In this post I included a prayer based off of a couple of verses found in the Psalms. When I was typing up that blog post, the enemy tried to stop… Continue Reading “Greater Is He”

Thankful for Prayer

Yesterday Matt over at Jesusluvsall posted about how he was Thankful Prayer Is Not Like Internet Connection. The title of Matt’s post immediately grabbed my attention because I just happened to have connectivity issues while on an important meeting yesterday. It was frustrating and… Continue Reading “Thankful for Prayer”

Trusting God With the Unexpected

We recently invested in storm doors for our home. But it was a bit of an ordeal. We ordered them from one of the big chain home improvement stores, and we also paid to have them installed. We were given a date of when… Continue Reading “Trusting God With the Unexpected”

Surrounded by God’s Love

One of my dogs, Tucker, has separation anxiety. He thinks he should always be with his Mom and Dad. When we leave him home, he might bark, whine, howl, sulk, or all of the above. He seems to have a fear that we are… Continue Reading “Surrounded by God’s Love”

Hold On

I have two dogs whose personalities are very different. Even when we are in the car, their personalities show. Buddy doesn’t move a muscle and sits as stiff as a statue. He is quiet; and you might even forget he is in the back… Continue Reading “Hold On”

Finding the Blessings

Hi, Friends! I hope you are all well. I want to start off by sharing a wonderful poem written by Daryl Madden. Last week, you might recall that I shared a personal prayer with you. But when typing it out, it seemed the enemy… Continue Reading “Finding the Blessings”

The Best Thing I Did All Year

Perhaps the title of my post caught your attention. You might be thinking, “We’re only 111 days into 2023. How can Bridget know the best thing she did this year?” Today I want to tell you about something that I have been doing daily… Continue Reading “The Best Thing I Did All Year”

Takeaways From Lent

Time is a funny thing. In a way, I feel Lent flew by; yet Ash Wednesday also feels like a long time ago. Today I wanted to share some of the things I learned over the weeks when I was offline. Set Guidelines When… Continue Reading “Takeaways From Lent”

Happy Easter!

Hello, Friends! I hope you all had a fulfilling Lenten season. I’m back online. And on such a glorious day! I will keep this post short, as I know many will be spending this day in a special way. Today I want to take… Continue Reading “Happy Easter!”

Chosen That Good Part

If you have followed my blog for a bit, you might know that I like to observe Lent, Advent, a New Year, and any opportunity to seek change and draw closer to God. With Lent coming up, I have put some thought into what… Continue Reading “Chosen That Good Part”