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Gratitude Challenge 2020 Recap

What an amazing November we had! I hope you all enjoyed the gratitude challenge as much as I did. It turned out to be such a rich month, as we drew closer to God. Spending time with Him in prayer, gratitude, and praise filled… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge 2020 Recap”

Gratitude Challenge Day 30

Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, there is so much we want to say to You today. Our hearts are overflowing with love for You. You have taught us so much this month. You have shown us how You are always there for us. You have… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 30”

Gratitude Challenge Day 29

Pray: Dear Lord, we are so thankful for another beautiful day, another day to spend with You, another day in our gratitude walk, and another lovely sabbath. We thank You for this day and we hand it over to You. We seek to honor… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 29”

Gratitude Challenge Day 28

Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for another beautiful day as we continue on this journey. We have noticed more joy in our lives over the past several weeks. One key is that we have been spending more time with You, in prayer,… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 28”

Gratitude Challenge Day 27

Pray: Dear Lord, we each have different concerns weighing on our minds, today and everyday. Life keeps us on our toes, to say the least. But one valuable lesson we have learned over the past few weeks is that we need Your strength in… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 27”

Gratitude Challenge Day 26

Pray: Dear God, today we come to You with peace in our hearts. Today is a beautiful day and a day to cherish. We are so thankful for this day, and we pray that all goes well for each of us and our loved… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 26”

Gratitude Challenge Day 25

Pray: Dear Father, we come to You today, not to ask for anything, but to thank You for all that we have. You bestow so many blessings upon us each and every day. Even during this turbulent year, we have so much to be… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 25”

Gratitude Challenge Day 24

Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, today we are overflowing with gratitude. You are always so good to us, even when we least deserve it. Looking back we can see where we have each taken a number of wrong turns in our lives. Some were intentional… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 24”

Gratitude Challenge Day 23

Pray: Dear Lord, today we are thankful for the beauty of nature. You gave us such a beautiful earth, a majestic universe, amazing sunrises and sunsets, lovely rainbows, vast oceans, breathtaking mountains, and so much more. What a precious gift You gave us to… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 23”

Gratitude Challenge Day 22

Pray: Dear Lord, today our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving. Instead of dwelling on our mistakes and regrets, we are just so very thankful for all the second chances You give us. Sometimes we say things that we later regret. Or we might do… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 22”