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Jesus Is With You

The past had times of darknessSome days were hard to bearOther days held peaceA breath of fresh airBut looking back we can seeJesus was always there The present has some strugglesSome days are filled with fearThere are also many blessingsSo much to hold dearBut… Continue Reading “Jesus Is With You”

His Beloved

He loved her with an unfailing loveShe tried to love Him in returnHe gave her an abundance of giftsHer heart was stirred but didn’t burn He longed for her whole heartShe was weak and ran awayHe chased after herShe tried to hide day after… Continue Reading “His Beloved”

In His Immeasurable Love

He will never leave us nor forsake usEvery single moment He is always thereWe can always count on HimAnd cling to His endless care He laid down His life for usAnd paid a price we can never repayHe did the unimaginable for usAnd never… Continue Reading “In His Immeasurable Love”

A Christmas Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, we humbly come before You with full hearts this Christmas. While this year has been difficult for each of us and the entire world, we are still grateful. The birth of Jesus, the gift of Your Son, brings everything into perspective.… Continue Reading “A Christmas Prayer”

Closer Than a Phone Call Away

When I was a child, my maternal grandparents lived over a thousand miles away. When I was very young, my grandfather passed away. My mother traveled to be with my grandmother and spent many months with her. Returning home worried my mother because basically… Continue Reading “Closer Than a Phone Call Away”

An Easter Prayer

Tomorrow we will celebrate Easter. This Easter will be different than any of us have ever seen before, because life is different right now for every single person on the globe. While we are going through this unprecedented time, my hope is that this… Continue Reading “An Easter Prayer”

The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 9

I can’t believe we have reached the end of the Whole Heart Challenge. I have enjoyed walking through this with you, and I hope you have enjoyed it too. I hope reading through Giving God Your Whole Heart has given you a new passion… Continue Reading “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 9”

The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 8

Today we are discussing chapter 8 of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. This chapter is about allowing God to lead in our lives. I believe what we discussed in chapter 7, trusting God, is an important step towards allowing God to have control… Continue Reading “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 8”

The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 7

Today we are discussing chapter 7 of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. Trusting God can be a blatant issue for some. Yet it can be more of a subtle issue for others, and we might not realize that we have a problem in… Continue Reading “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 7”

The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 6

Today we are discussing chapter 6 of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. In chapter six of this book, we focus on working for the Kingdom of God. There are three things that I try remind myself when it comes to working for the… Continue Reading “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 6”