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Hold On

I have two dogs whose personalities are very different. Even when we are in the car, their personalities show. Buddy doesn’t move a muscle and sits as stiff as a statue. He is quiet; and you might even forget he is in the back… Continue Reading “Hold On”

Finding the Blessings

Hi, Friends! I hope you are all well. I want to start off by sharing a wonderful poem written by Daryl Madden. Last week, you might recall that I shared a personal prayer with you. But when typing it out, it seemed the enemy… Continue Reading “Finding the Blessings”

Happy Easter!

Hello, Friends! I hope you all had a fulfilling Lenten season. I’m back online. And on such a glorious day! I will keep this post short, as I know many will be spending this day in a special way. Today I want to take… Continue Reading “Happy Easter!”

Merry Christmas!

Hello, my friends! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry CHRISTmas! Today is a special day for us as Christians, and for the world, as we remember a little baby born over two thousand years ago. The… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!”

A Year of Abiding

As you may know, my one word for 2022 is abide. I love the beauty of this word, especially in relation to abiding in Jesus. Here are some ways this word helped me to grow this year. In January I read a book called… Continue Reading “A Year of Abiding”

Abide Series Recap

If you have been following for the past couple of months, then you know that we recently went through a series regarding Abiding in Jesus. There are more Bible verses we could look at with the word abide in them. However, I felt the… Continue Reading “Abide Series Recap”

Abide – Part 6

Do you want God’s best in your life? I bet the answer is “yes!” Keep reading and you’ll find out how to accept God’s best with open hands. We are continuing the series of abiding in Jesus and learning what that looks like in… Continue Reading “Abide – Part 6”

Abide – Part 5

In this series, we have been talking about abiding in the Lord. In the first four posts, we were in the book of John. The book of John was written by John, one of Jesus’ disciples. All of the Bible verses we have looked… Continue Reading “Abide – Part 5”

Abide – Part 4

We are continuing in the series of posts on Abiding in the Lord. “And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it… Continue Reading “Abide – Part 4”

Abide – Part 3

We are continuing to study abiding in the Lord, and what that looks like in our daily lives. In the book of John, chapter 5, two things took place that are significant. Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath and Jesus also said He… Continue Reading “Abide – Part 3”