An Invitation

Jesus was arrested with no cause. One of His own disciples betrayed Him. They called false witnesses to testify against Him. They put a robe and a crown of thorns on His head, while mocking Him. They demanded a murderer be set free, and that Jesus be executed. They beat Him and made Him drag His own cross. They nailed His hands and His feet to the wood. They put Him up in the air so that all could ridicule Him. He face became distorted as He took on the sin of the world. He paid the penalty for every one of us.

The moment when Jesus died, the curtain in the sanctuary of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. The curtain in the temple separated the most Holy Place and the presence of God from man. The high priest was the only one who could go beyond the curtain, and that was only once a year. Jesus’ death on the cross meant that we could now meet with God at anytime. The door was open to all who would accept the invitation.

They placed Jesus’ body in a tomb and rolled a heavy stone in front of it. But on the third day, the stone had been moved. And the tomb was empty. Jesus’ had risen from the grave. Death could not hold Him. He defeated sin, He defeated death, He saved the world. He who knew no sin, erased our sin. He did that for you, for me, and for every single human being.

Centuries before you were born, God mapped out a plan to save you. He loves you that much. He knew you would make mistakes. But He gave His one and only Son to pay the debt that you owed. I hope and pray that you have accepted Jesus into your life. If you haven’t, please go HERE. This will be the most important decision you ever make.

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