Every Day is a Gift!

Happy Easter! Oh what a beautiful day! He is risen! Praise God for this day and for what Jesus has done for us! ❤️

I have great news that I wanted to share with you. My book, Every Day is a Gift, is now available on Amazon in ebook format. And it is free for a short time. So please go check it out today! I truly hope you enjoy it! 🎁

I have dreamt about this day for decades. I always wanted to be a writer. But I never thought this dream would actually come true. But God knew better. God made a way. God helped bring my dreams to fruition. So if there is something you are dreaming for and it just seems way to big to ever accomplish – DON’T GIVE UP! God is so good and so awesome and so amazing. He can make your dreams a reality. Nothing is too big for Him! ❤️

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