2019 is Half Over!

Happy Weekend, my friends! Can you believe that we have reached the end of June, which means that 2019 is half over?! Time sure does fly. It seems like we were just ringing in the new year. And then we blinked. And here it is midyear. It can be sad to think about.

But instead of letting this fact depress us, let’s use it as a stepping stone in the right direction. Did you make any progress towards your goals? Did you accomplish anything on your to-do list? Did you do any spring cleaning? This weekend is the perfect time to evaluate where you have been the past six months and where you are going for the six months ahead.

I have a blog post I wanted to share here that will help you with this task. As you might recall me mentioning, I write on the Christians Read blog every Thursday. So I wanted to share this past Thursday’s post with you. It has to do with this very topic of a Midyear Reflection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

13 Comments on “2019 is Half Over!

  1. My wife hates the coming of fall and winter. But I don’t mind it… deer season, thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite!

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