The Redeemed Challenge – Day 12

Good morning! Today is Day 12 of the Redeemed Challenge! In today’s chapter of the book, we read some powerful words regarding how we Christians are the salt of the earth. Sometimes we forget how powerful we are. But as the salt of the earth, we can make a positive impact on those around us. As you go about your day today, remember this powerful truth.

Share in the comments: Is there something with today’s chapter of You Are Redeemed that resonates with you?

Don’t forget to listen to the song for the day!!!!!!! Same Power by Jeremy Camp

And here is the smartphone wallpaper image for the day:

8 Comments on “The Redeemed Challenge – Day 12

  1. I really love the image of being the salt of the earth. The world has so many terrible things going on right now, but as Christians we need to be the salt that flavors the bad with the good.

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  2. Food, one of my favorite things. 🙂 Salt adds flavor, enhancing sweet and savory; it’s versatile. It’s a blessing. God created me to preserve purity and goodness and share it with the world, to be a positive influence. I can’t do that if I’m beating myself up. I’m trampling the salt that God called good.

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