Sharing a Post – “Pray with Me about the Coronavirus”

I am sharing an excellent post with a heartfelt prayer, from the Peaceful Wife blog. This is very much needed right now. Please take a few moments to pray this prayer. This is a time when we should all unite together. And most of all, we should turn to God, instead of allowing fear to consume us. Blessings to you all…

This is the perfect time to join together in prayer to the sovereign Lord of the universe who loves us all.

Pray with Me about the Coronavirus

4 Comments on “Sharing a Post – “Pray with Me about the Coronavirus”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. The topic is heavy on my heart and mind right now. I’ll head on over and read that post!

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    • Yes it feels like the everything has gotten really crazy all of a sudden. It can be very scary to turn in the news. I hope the post brings you some peace. Thanks for commenting. 💕


    • You’re welcome! I know God hears the prayers of His children. Turning to God instead of letting our worries take over is the first step in any battle. Thanks for commenting, Michelle!

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