Let’s Praise God Together

Over the last few weeks, I have been writing about the subject of praise. Today I wanted to praise the Lord with you. He is so worthy of our praise. But praise is something we often overlook in our daily lives. I would like to make this a habit in my life and I hope that you will too. So, let’s start today by offering God this prayer of praise.


Dear Heavenly Father,

We humbly come before You today to offer You praise. You are so worthy, You are so glorious, You are so awesome and amazing. You are above everything we know, for You created everything we know. So how can we even come up with the words that truly describe just how magnificent You are?

We want to thank You, Lord, for all the blessings in our lives. Even through these uncertain times, You have blessed us beyond measure. You have been by our sides every day. You never left us. You have continued to provide for us and watch over us. Thank You, God.

Every single day You look out for us, protect us, and cover us. You keep a shield of protection around Your children all day and every day. There are so many things that You do in our lives each and every day. It would blow us away if we knew of the trillions of things that You did behind the scenes to protect us, to guide us, and to bless us. Lord, we thank You. We can never say “thank You” enough for all of the wonderful things that You do for us. You are our shield. You are our strength. You are our hope. You are our joy.

While it’s true that some days may be difficult, we still know that You are working all things together for good. Thank You, God. It amazes us to know that You can take the difficulties in our lives and make something beautiful out of them. You are loving and merciful and compassionate. And You love all Your children beyond measure.

Thank You, Lord. We thank You. We praise You. You are so wonderful and amazing.

Father, it brings tears of joy to think about how You hear all of our prayers. You are always there for us, Lord. When we call out to You, whether our prayers are full of praise or petitions. Thank You, Lord, for hearing us.

It is so wonderful to know that You guide us every single day. You hold our hands, guiding us like sheep, down the right path. When we are feeling down, we thank You for being there for us, for being our comforter and our friend.

You are so good to us, Lord. It says in the Bible that Your thoughts about us cannot be numbered. How amazing that is to think about! You think of us so much and so often. All day and every day. What a comfort that is to know how much You love us.

God, we thank You for adopting us into Your family. We thank You for calling us Your children. Thank You for our true inheritance. Thank You that we are now joint heirs with Jesus. When we accepted Jesus into our lives we were washed clean, we were made as white as snow. We can never express enough thanks for this precious gift.

Lord, we thank You for the Bible, Your Holy Word. What a precious gift You have given us that we can pick up and read Your words at any given time. And there’s so much power in Your word, God. We thank You for this wonderful gift You have given us.

Lord, we put our trust in You and You alone. You are the only one who can truly guide us, protect us, keeping us safe and secure. The things of this world are temporary, but You are eternal. The things of this world are weak, but You are strong. You are our strength, Father.

God, You fill our hearts with joy. Your love overflows on us, all day and every day. You shower us with love and with blessings. You fill us with peace.

We praise you. We love You, Father. We thank You for all that You are.

In Jesus’ Holy Name we pray, Amen.


Thank you for praying this prayer with me. I hope you enjoyed praising God. If you have anything you would like to add, please comment!

© 2020 Bridget A. Thomas

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13 Comments on “Let’s Praise God Together

  1. What a way to start my day!!! What a lovely and all encompassing prayer!!! And knowing we were praying it together, Bridget, made me feel like we were together, holding one another’s hand. Thank you my friend…thank you!!! I love you!!!

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  2. Amen!! Loved these words of praise, I could truly feel the power of love and praise while reading them and loved this:

    ‘It would blow us away if we knew of the trillions of things that You did behind the scenes to protect us, to guide us, and to bless us.’

    This is something I don’t consider near enough!!

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    • Aw thank you! Your comment warmed my heart! I am so glad you enjoyed the prayer of praise… And I agree. I don’t always think about the fact that God is working behind the scenes for us either. Sometimes when I am inconvenienced, I am quick to complain. But could it be that inconvenience was a blessing in disguise? I want to be more aware of God’s little gifts in our lives… Blessings to you, friend! ❤️

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  3. This is wonderful, Bridget. The Lord truly does so much for us. He is worthy of our praise! I’m going to bookmark this one for when I’m exhausted and struggling with praise. When my brain is tired it’s so hard to find the words. I know there are plenty of things to praise Him for, but I can’t get my head in gear. And when I’m that tired I don’t even want to try, so it’s really nice to have a prayer like this that I can read and pray. Thanks so much for doing this.

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    • Thank you, Tina! It means so much to know that God used this prayer to speak to you! I do know what you mean. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the blessings, because our vision is clouded by other things. Having the right tools at our fingertips is such a great idea! God bless you, my friend! ❣️


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