The Importance of Winter

In the U.S.A. we are currently in our winter season. I know some of you reading this are in summertime. But winter doesn’t necessarily have to mean literal timeframes. Sometimes in our lives we feel like we are in a winter season, no matter what the temperature is outside. I was recently reflecting on the value in winter and wanted to share some thoughts with you.

As you might know, winter is good for nature for several reasons. Plants actually benefit from shorter daylight hours and lower temperatures as they become dormant. This helps the plants to store up energy for new growth. And strong winters also help get rid of bugs, as the severe cold kills them off. (1)

But this made me ponder how our spiritual growth can also benefit from a winter season, whether literal or figurative. We need time to rest and recuperate, especially after a busy season. This helps us to flourish and create new growth in our lives. If we always kept moving at a fast pace, our bodies would eventually burn out. And winter can also be a good time for us to use as a reflection period. If we slow down for a bit, we have the ability to evaluate our lives. What “bugs” need to go? And what do we want to “plant” in the coming months?

This ties in to last week’s post in which I talked about Learning to Let Go. A little over a week ago, my area had a couple of days that were filled with gusty winds. After the windy days were over, I saw many large tree limbs lying on the ground. The weather helped the trees to shake free dead branches that had become a hindrance.

Similarly, in our lives we too can take this time to reflect on the “buried” areas of our lives, and let them go. Or maybe we even might want to resurrect something. It is not just about letting go. During this time, you might also need to rest and restore your soul. Or perhaps you might want to set goals and prepare for new growth in the coming months.

The answers will look different for all of us. And the answers might change for each of us from season to season. But perhaps you’ll want to prayerfully consider these things in your own life.

During this season do you need to take time to rest and remove unnecessary tasks from your plate?

During this season do you need to remove any old habits from your life that are hindering your growth?

During this season do you need to plant new growth in your spiritual life by spending more time with the Lord?

During this season do you need to pull an old dream out of the grave and make it come to life?

These are just a few generic questions you might reflect on. Ask the Lord to guide you and to open your heart to anything He might be asking you to do (or not do) during this season.

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him… – Psalm 37:7

Rest in God’s arms
Let your body replenish
Soak up His love
The fruit will flourish

Let go of the past
Don’t be afraid to be bold
The broken pieces float away
As you release the old

New things are coming
Good can be found in change
Hold tightly to the Lord
Open your eyes to all you gain

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© 2022 Bridget A. Thomas

18 Comments on “The Importance of Winter

  1. Beautiful post Bridget. I love all of your analogies. Winter has been a struggle for me for many years. Part of that has been health related. I tend to suffer from Seasonal Depression. Other life circumstances have compounded that as well. Sort of like being heeped in snow. BUT I also can add to the problems by not truly resting. For a long time, however, I didn’t recognize that I wasn’t resting. I would ask why didn’t God show me this sooner, but one I can be really stubborn, I’m recognizing that. And two, I think we tend to appreciate things more when we’ve had that long tough season and enter the Spring of our life again. So I am looking forward to learning to REALLY rest, and that awaited Spring.

    Your poem is SO lovely by the way. It makes me smile to see that you’re still pursuing poetry. Beautiful. Blessings sweet friend. Wish we could take a walk in the snow together.

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    • My friend, I hope you don’t think I was making light of the issues that winter causes. That wasn’t my intent. I do know that seasonal depression is very real and does affect many people. Vitamin D is important and I personally take a daily supplement for it. But I know a small capsule can only go so far. I know you have also mentioned before the sun lamps that you have, which is an amazing invention. But again, it probably only does so much. I do agree that resting a lot and giving yourself grace during this season, is so very important. I pray you are able to find relief for now as you wait for spring to arrive… Taking a walk in the snow sounds lovely! Count me in!! ☃️🤗


      • No, no… I wasn’t thinking you were making light at all. Actually I was thinking the opposite. I appreciated the positive outlook. I should have written “for someone who has struggled with the season it’s nice to read about the benefits that I may have overlooked in my struggles with the season” Thank you. I do appreciate your posts so much. Keep the positivity coming and. Well done. 🙂❤

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      • I am glad to know what I wrote was helpful. That is one way the Lord helps us to sharpen each other. We bring our unique perspectives to the table. It’s amazing how God works out the details, big and small. Sending you hugs, my friend 🤗


  2. Such a good reminder of what literal and figurative winter can mean and how we can look at it through a different perspective. Resting in the Lord, re-evaluating are such good things that we need to do regularly.
    I like the poem Bridget, simple and sweet.
    Blessings my friend 🤗💙

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  3. Good observations and advice. It’s difficult when the world demands we go, go, go! And how it hates when we say, “No.” Good to remember that rest is a God principle, and the world hates God. I’m in the midst of winter on every level, and those pushing me to do, do, do, don’t realize I’ve less and less desire to be around them. Thanks for the reminders.

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    • Judy, you make some great points. We must learn to honor the Lord and ourselves, which means the world will not understand when we need to slow down and seek rest. And I agree, when people push us, they are effectively pushing us away. Another good reason to listen to the Lord and our hearts, not allowing outside influences to steer us down the wrong path.

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  4. Your post goes well with my word for 2022: forget. I picked another word to begin with but couldn’t remember what it was a few weeks later. So one day during my morning devotional, the Holy Spirit says to me, “David, your word of the year should be forget. Like it says in Isaiah, “Forget the former things.” Anyway, I believe in 2022 God would have me let go of my regrets from the past and look to Him for the future. Great post! Thank you.

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    • That is such a beautiful thought and something we all can learn from. I love that Holy Spirit spoke to you so clearly and gave you the verse as well. I pray that your word and verse will guide you through 2022.


  5. Beautiful thoughts and I love the poem. I, like Tina, struggle in the winter months with depression also so reading something encouraging regarding winter is a blessing!! God doesn’t make mistakes and I know there’s beautiful purpose in this season.

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    • I am glad that this post helped encourage you. It can be tough to walk through seasons when we are down, no matter the reason. But I am so thankful that we can cling to the Lord and draw closer to Him, during those times. 💕

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    • I understand. Change is often very uncomfortable. Even when we know the outcome will be a good thing. May we remember to keep pressing forward and embrace the things that God sends our way. 🙏

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  6. Yes, Lord, during this quieter season of the year, may I listen attentively to your voice of wisdom. Guide me and open my heart to what you’d have me do during this season. (Thank you, Bridget!)

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  7. Beautiful post! I’ve had to say no and rest a lot over the past month, so I can relate – only because I was forced to, but I hope I can take more time to rest and also be with the Lord. Thank you! 🙏🏻

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    • I understand. It can be hard to rest, especially when we have our minds set on things we want to do or accomplish. I pray you are able to soak up the Lord’s love in this season. ♥️

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