Faith = Hope = Strength

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing a post that I originally wrote as a guest post for The Devotional Guy’s blog. This is a topic that the Lord had laid on my heart a few months ago. I intended to put it in writing at some point, but kept delaying. Then when my friend and fellow blogger, Rainer, asked me to write a guest post, I knew it was meant to be.

I have the link to the post below. While you are there, feel free to browse Rainer’s posts as well. I am sure you will find a few gems. I enjoy following Rainer’s blog, and always walk away encouraged. I especially love what Rainer has as the subtitle for his blog – “Living a Life of Worship.” Amen! I love that.

Here is the link: Faith = Hope = Strength. I hope you enjoy the post and get some insight out of it. I will be reading it again myself, as I still need this reminder.

Photo by Bridget A. Thomas 😁 last night 1/18/2023.

33 Comments on “Faith = Hope = Strength

  1. Awesome post Bridget, a statement you made really struck me too;

    “Sometimes trusting God means we have to give ourselves a pep talk.”

    That is so true and the scripture you used buttresses it so much:

    1 Samuel 30:6, where David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

    God bless you, enjoyed it❤️

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    • Yes! It can be so easy for the enemy to get in our heads and plant seeds of doubt and worry. But we have the ability to take a stand and focus on the good. Thank you so much for reading! God bless!

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  2. Touching words, Bridget. I love what you said here:
    ‘We can grab hold of the hope that Jesus offers, by grabbing onto Him. When we cling to the Lord, we cling to hope.’

    As I read your post the Holy Spirit reminded me of the verse from James 4:8, ‘draw near to God and He will draw near to you.’….we must put forth effort in order to have hope. BTW ‘hope’ is my word of the year so this all really stood out to me.❤️

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    • Oh yes, I really love the Bible verse you shared here! And it is a great reminder that we can find hope when we are intentional about drawing near to the Lord! Thank you so much for sharing that. It truly encouraged me. Lately I have been dealing with a lot of stress and I find it is easy to lose hope when we allow life to bring us down. So I am going to hold onto the verse you gave me as a reminder. And I love that your word this year is hope because I have seen recently how important it is to hold onto hope. Thank you, Alicia! You always encourage me! Blessings, my friend. ♥️

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  3. Good post Bridget. Those three verses are so good. The enemy is always trying to steal our joy and hope. And what you said about giving ourselves a pep talk. I think at those moments when we have to do that, the scriptures we have memorised or know well help a lot too.
    Cling to the Lord and hope will fill us. Amen to that.
    Blessings my friend 💙

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    • You are absolutely right about the enemy always trying to steal our joy and hope. When we remember that, it helps us to stand strong in faith. And you make an excellent point about the Bible verses we have tucked away in our hearts. Remembering them and speaking them are a great weapon in the spiritual warfare we face. Thank you so much for sharing, Manu! I always glean more insight from your thoughts. Blessings to you too, my friend! 🦋

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  4. I love the way you explained Isaiah 40:31. I don’t think I ever thought of how much strength we gain from persevering in hope. That’s so true! Praise God! I do like baseball too. But you chase black bears? You’re a brave woman lol!!

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    • Haha! Chasing is an exaggeration! That’s what my husband likes to tell people we do. 😉 Really we just like to see them and take their pictures. We don’t get too close though! And that truly makes me happy to hear that you like baseball! 😁 I love the way you put that – persevering in hope! Lately I have been struck by how important it is for us to hold on to hope. So I agree that persevering is key. And it does indeed help us to find the strength we need to press forward. Thank you, Dawn! Your comment helped me dig even deeper! 💜

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      • You’re welcome! Lol. I’m sure they are interesting to watch, at a safe distance.😉Hope is so important. There are so many who are hopeless, and the Bible reminds us when we hope in the Lord we will not be put to shame (Psalms 25:3). Lol!

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    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad it was helpful. I have been praying for you. “Rise above” doesn’t come up a lot. But different variations like Rise Up does! So I take any opportunity I can! 😉


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