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A Day Filled With Gratitude

Yesterday I had my first book signing! What an exciting event, especially for a newbie like me. This is something that I looked forward to for nearly six months. Our friend, Matt, is owner and farm manager of the Blu By U blueberry farm… Continue Reading “A Day Filled With Gratitude”

“Every Day is a Gift” Turns One!

Guess what? My first book, Every Day is a Gift, is a year old! I can’t believe it has been a year already. For more info on both of my books, go to bridgetathomas.com/books/. Below is an excerpt from Every Day is a Gift. Enjoy!… Continue Reading ““Every Day is a Gift” Turns One!”

Why Live Your Life With Gratitude?

Hi Friends! Check out this article which features my first book, Every Day is a Gift! I am so excited to share this with you! I hope you enjoy reading it! Why Live Your Life With Gratitude? Why Live Your Life With Gratitude? — Read… Continue Reading “Why Live Your Life With Gratitude?”

Gratitude Challenge Day 30

What?! Is it really Day 30 already? I can’t believe the Gratitude Challenge is coming to a close. But I hope this doesn’t mean that your gratitude walk is also going to end. Gratitude is a decision we have to make every day. And… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 30”

Gratitude Challenge Day 29

Jesus. Just Jesus. That is all we ever really need. If you have accepted Jesus into your life, then you know what an awesome gift we have. If you have not yet taken that step then I invite you to do so today! Click… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 29”

Gratitude Challenge Day 28

Good Morning, Everyone! Today is Day 28 of the Gratitude Challenge! Check out today’s Gratitude Challenge video HERE. I have found that spending time with God first thing in the morning helps to start my day on the right foot. Is this something that… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 28”

Gratitude Challenge Day 27

Good Morning, Everyone! Today is Day 27 of the Gratitude Challenge! Check out today’s Gratitude Challenge video HERE. Take a moment today to hand over all your worries over to God. He is faithful and will help you handle each one, if you allow… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 27”

Gratitude Challenge Day 26

Good Morning, Everyone! Today is Day 26 of the Gratitude Challenge! Check out today’s Gratitude Challenge video HERE. As you go about your day today, no matter what you are facing, I hope you will remember that God is always available. He will meet… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 26”

Gratitude Challenge Day 25

Christmas is exactly one month away. Have you already started your Christmas shopping? Do you enjoy giving gifts? I sure do! They say it is better to give than to receive and I agree. It is so much fun to watch someone else open… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 25”

Gratitude Challenge Day 24

Ok so I have a few chapters that I consider to be my favorites. This is another one. To this day, every time my husband and I pass through the intersection that I talked about in this chapter, I feel compelled to take a… Continue Reading “Gratitude Challenge Day 24”