Why Live Your Life With Gratitude?

Hi Friends! Check out this article which features my first book, Every Day is a Gift! I am so excited to share this with you! I hope you enjoy reading it!

Why Live Your Life With Gratitude?

Why Live Your Life With Gratitude?
— Read on 3womenvoices.com/2019/03/04/gratitude/


4 Comments on “Why Live Your Life With Gratitude?

  1. Thanks Bridget for supporting our blog and for letting us interview you. Your article was awesome and so are you!

    Debbie & Rhonda

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  2. I am thankful for you &your writing, it’s like a wake up call. I love the way you write , easy to read ,easy to understand, down to earth , to the point , that easily ,involves just about everyone. We know your talking to us. It made me remember , when something went wrong, I always said , “ everything always goes wrong, everything happens to me “ Then I started saying “ oh stop ! That’s not true “ Everyone has problems of some nature , you have to STOP and clear your mind and start over.
    That helped me .
    Today with all that’s going on out there , it’s really frightening ! Unexpected things are happening that fast. You definitely have to pray for them and their families left behind.
    That’s what’s wrong, right there ! People always think, it can’t happen to them. This stuff to day , has never happened in my lifetime. It’s terrible !
    These are different people today , they have no regard for life, they know how to get guns also.
    We really do have to keep praying, for things to get better, and stay out of harms way.
    A lot of your little tips , are cute and certainly worth trying ,To keep our minds focused on the right things.
    Your books need to “ really” rub off and make us better for it .
    First of all we need peace, within, reading your books help with that , if our neighbors ( so to speak) see how we handle things , it might help them.
    Thank you so much miss Bridget , keep writing , I love it , keeps us on our toes.

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