Potholes in the Road

Hi Friends! It has been awhile since I touched base with you. I hope you all have been well!

I had some issues with my website, so I was waiting until all was resolved before I wrote again. I felt God telling me that I was paying too much money for my website each year. It might have been worth it, if I used all the included features. But I wasn’t using them, so I spoke to the company about downgrading my plan.

Unfortunately, when they switched me over, much of my content and media files were gone. So the company spent several days restoring everything. Small things like this can be frustrating. But I learned a few nuggets along the way.

1 – When we are obedient to God, it doesn’t necessarily mean the road will be smooth.

2 – Sometimes potholes in the road are a test to see if we will turn around and go back the other way, or keep forging ahead on the more difficult route.

3 – When we encounter potholes, and if we are on the path that God sent us down, we can trust God to fix the potholes that appear.

4 – In the end, when we are obedient, it is well worth it! God’s ways are always better than our ways!

(Photo by Karl-Erik Bennion.)

6 Comments on “Potholes in the Road

  1. Hi Bridget,

    You article was full of golden nuggets and very impactful. it is so true how we sometimes let the smallest things distract us from moving forward, as in the pot holes. There will always be times where we are tested with obstacles that are meant to test our strength and faith. Too many times, people are easily turned away from their destiny or goals because of the challenges they face; not realizing, it is in the challenges where our faith is revealed, and where our will and courage is formed. God, in his infinite power using circumstances to teach us lessons and if we turn back, we will miss the lessons. So, it is imperative that we continue moving forward despite the “potholes” in order for us to become better and wiser, thereby increasing our faith. The truth is once we come through the roadblocks, it will be so worth it on the other side of pain.and struggles. The minute we trust God, all things are possible.

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    • Yes very good point! God will always strengthen our character as long as we are on this earth. And sometimes we have to go through a pothole in order to prepare us for our destiny. Thank you for commenting! 😊

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