TRC – Day 5 – Trying Again

It’s me again! I hope you all are having a lovely Thursday. (Or Friday Eve as my husband and I like to call it.)

A couple of my email subscribers reported that they did not receive today’s post in their inbox. So I am sharing the link: The Redeemed Challenge – Day 5. I hope this one gets delivered properly!

If you are an email subscriber, if were one of those who did not receive today’s post via email as you usually do, and if you didn’t already notify me – Would you mind letting me know in the comments? Also, please check your junk/spam folder, and let me know if it went there. Or if you did not receive the original post this morning, but to did get this one, please let me know that too!

Thanks a bunch for your help! I hope you all have a blessed day!

4 Comments on “TRC – Day 5 – Trying Again

  1. I got 5 attempts , introductory sentence only , different times were next to them . one was 6:03am 9:am the other times I can’t remember, SO sorry , then after constantly going back to get as much information as I could for you , they didn’t let me back in to all. The last one was about half of what you wrote, then I got cut off, saying I am not connected. so I reconnected and here I am .
    The different times next to each sentence , seems like they may have been trying to connect and couldn’t , just a guess, I hope this helps

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