The Redeemed Challenge – Day 5

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Good morning! Today is Day 5 of the Redeemed Challenge! In today’s chapter of the book, we see that although at times we might feel weak, the truth is that we have a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. We live in a fallen world which means we will face troubles in this life. But God doesn’t expect us to face them alone. We have the Holy Spirit inside us to give us the strength we need to face whatever comes our way.

Share in the comments: Is there something with today’s chapter of You Are Redeemed that resonates with you?

Don’t forget to listen to the song for the day!!!!!!!   Fear is a Liar by Zach Williams

And here is the smartphone wallpaper image for the day:

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11 Comments on “The Redeemed Challenge – Day 5

  1. He has given us a spirit of power, love and self discipline , Amen to that.
    It reminds me that His power is always in me even if what is happening in my life makes me feel powerless, I am actually not powerless because HE is in charge.
    Spirit of love- I am able and should reach out in love to all even those who don’t always do so in return.
    Spirit of self discipline- well there is no excuse to hide behind when HE can and will enable you to be disciplined.

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    • I love the way you broke this down! Often times when this Bible verse is quoted, people are focusing on the power part of it. This is probably due to the fact that fear is mentioned in the beginning of the verse. So I love the way you also called out love and self-discipline. And you beautifully reflected on each of the three points! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 💜

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  3. As an abuse survivor, I grew up in a manner meant to instill the first, not the second. God is more powerful than those who invented to destroy what He created.

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  4. First of all, I was one of those who did not get this chapter this morning but Bridget resent it to me. My day was more hectic than usual. I have been caregiving since the first of the year and an unexpected turn caused havoc. It is after 9pm as I write this and I don’t even know if anyone will see this. But what a perfect topic day 5 held for me. Why didn’t I get this message this morning? Satan didn’t want me to see it..that’s why. But although I got when I couldn’t stop to read it, he didn’t stop it from coming thru loud and clear and in time for me to thank my Lord before days end for the spirit of power and love that He gave me today when I needed it most. Amen!

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    • Beautifully said, my friend! You are right. The enemy will try to stop us. But our God is bigger than anything and everything. I’m sorry your day was hectic. But praise God that He still met you right where you were today. He is amazing! Sending you hugs! 💜


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