The Redeemed Challenge – Day 18

Good morning! Today is Day 18 of the Redeemed Challenge! Sometimes we get discouraged about the roadblocks in our path or dreams that didn’t work out like we planned. In today’s chapter of the book, we read about something that brings us hope. Whatever path you are on, God will continue His good work within you. I heard my pastor say recently that God loves us too much to leave us the way He found us. I really loved that because without Him we are nothing. But with Him, think of the amazing people we could become. Think of the things we could accomplish. And our hopes and dreams can come to fruition in much bigger ways than we could have imagined.

Share in the comments: Is there something with today’s chapter of You Are Redeemed that resonates with you?

Don’t forget to listen to the song for the day!!!!!!! God’s Not Done With You by Tauren Wells

And here is the smartphone wallpaper image for the day:

17 Comments on “The Redeemed Challenge – Day 18

  1. Hello Bridget, God bless you! This is a confirmation that if it is just for me, this message had to go out. I am blessed and encouraged because of it.

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    • How wonderful to know that God spoke to you through this post! What a loving Father we have! He is always looking out for us, always speaking to us, and always by our side! ❣️


      • Good morning! I’m so happy and honored to hear that this has blessed you! And what a wonderful Father we have who brings us exactly what we need at exactly the right time! Thank you for commenting! God bless you!


  2. God who began the work will ensure that it will be done. Firstly it is reassuring that HE is in charge here so I have to follow His leading rather than do it my way.
    Secondly, it ties in with the potter and clay analogy. He is the potter and when he starts to mould the clay , He will complete it. I just need to be compliant and obedient to His moulding and leading.
    And I love what you wrote about even if there is a mountain in front of you HE is still on the throne.
    God bless 💙

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    • Dear Heavenly Father, please help us to have hearts of clay. Help us to be moldable and flexible in Your capable hands. Please help us to remember that You are in control, You are on the throne, and You always have our best interests in mind. When we put our lives in Your hands, You will continue the good work within us. We just have to allow You to do so. Thank You for loving us THAT much! In Jesus’s name, Amen 🙏🏻✝️

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  3. Many years ago when I left my church in New York to move to Florida my friends gifted me with a ceramic trivet that said “God’s not finished with you yet!”. I loved the words then but love them more now. Thru the years I’ve stumbled and fallen so many times but He always got me back on my feet and continued to give me things He still needed ME to do for Him. Nope..He’s not done with me yet! And aren’t I glad!! Thanks Bridget!

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    • How amazing! Only God could bring a ceramic trivet from many years ago back around full circle on this day! Thank you for sharing that! God loves us so very much and will use anything and everything to show us His awesome love! You are right! God’s not done with you! You have a purpose, your life has meaning, you are appointed, you are chosen, and you are a beautiful blessing! 💚


  4. When my publisher closed last year the 13 novels I had published became unpublished. I needed to re-publish them. I decided to re-write, using all I’ve learned over the years. I’ve felt so overwhelmed. What I thought would take a few months has taken exponentially longer. Reading this chapter I accepted that I don’t have a mountain to climb but a whole range God expects me to cross. I also realized that He doesn’t expect me to do it all at once; He’s only asking me to take one mountain at a time, one step at a time. He won’t abandon me part way. He will see me through to the end. Thanks, Bridget! ❤

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  5. I love what your pastor said!!! 💕 Today’s message really stood out to me. With this home renovation it seems more things keep popping up that need to be fixed and it’s frustrating. Thank you for reminding me that God is there and He is will get us through this. 🙂

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    • I can only imagine all of the things you and your family have been through with the renovations! I am so glad this message gave you a little peace in the process. When you get discouraged, remember Philippians 1:6. God is there and God will see you through it! 💜

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  6. You know, I was going to apologize about joining in so late in the challenge but I needed this reminder today so I think it was fitting to come in on the 18th chapter. It goes hand in hand with this season. I’m having trouble managing my time right now, and I work an on-call job so I’ve been pleading for a routine or some structure. I needed to know God is still working on my time management skills, as simple as it may sound, it’s a big thing right now.

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    • I understand completely! I like having daily structure as well. It helps keep stress at bay. I am sorry you are going through a bit of chaos right now. I will be sure to pray for you! Remember that God has you in the palm of His hand and He will never leave you! 💜


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