The Redeemed Challenge – Day 21

Good morning! Today is Day 21 of the Redeemed Challenge! In today’s chapter of the book, we read that nothing can separate us from God’s love. What an uplifting verse that give us encouragement with whatever we are facing today. We all face scary things in life. Just because we have given our lives to God doesn’t mean we won’t have struggles. Our enemy will attack us in different ways, trying to bring us down. But we need to remember that God is always there. We are never alone. And nothing can ever separate you from the love of the Lord.

Share in the comments: Is there something with today’s chapter of You Are Redeemed that resonates with you?

Don’t forget to listen to the song for the day!!!!!!! Beloved by Jordan Feliz

And here is the smartphone wallpaper image for the day:

12 Comments on “The Redeemed Challenge – Day 21

  1. His love is perfect and what reassurance that nothing can separate us from His love. We may falter and we make mistakes but God loves us and He says that we are worth dying for.

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  2. Thank you Bridget..a perfect message at a perfect time. And Perth Girl you said it so well.
    God did say we were worth dying for. Oh I love him so much!! Bless you both today with joy abound!

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    • I can relate to what you’re saying because at times I think the same thing. I might think that no one really likes me and that some people are just being nice. But the truth is that these thoughts come from the enemy. He wants us to put ourselves down and he wants us to think badly of ourselves. That keeps us from moving forward. The enemy knows that we are working for the Kingdom of God and he wants to stop us in our tracks. So we have to be stronger. We have to stop him from getting in our head. And we have to hold on tightly to the unconditional Love of God! ✝️

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    • Wow, what a profound question! And something I need to think about myself as well! Thank you, Judy! You have made me look at many of these posts from a new angle! May God’s love continue to reveal itself more and more in your life 💜

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  3. Lately I’ve had more anxiety and worry than usual so this chapter and verse really stood out! It helps to know that no matter what God still loves me. 💕 Thank goodness because sometimes I feel like nobody does. But I need to remember He always has and always will. 🙂

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    • Yes! This verse gives me comfort as well! When you feel worried or anxious, or when you feel like no one loves you, many times those things are coming from the enemy. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it in full.” – John 10:10. But you are right – your Heavenly Father loves you beyond measure! So hold onto that when you feel discouraged! 💜

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