The Redeemed Challenge – Day 28

Good morning! Today is Day 28 of the Redeemed Challenge! In today’s chapter of the book, we read that God has made us as clean as snow. Sometimes we put ourselves down and we criticize ourselves for our mistakes. But God doesn’t see you the way you see yourself. If today’s verse doesn’t really strike you as all that amazing, maybe I can help explain it a little better. The day after it has snowed, when all the clouds have moved out, the sun hitting snow is so bright that you have to put sunglasses on. Thanks to Jesus, we sparkle and shine.

Share in the comments: Is there something with today’s chapter of You Are Redeemed that resonates with you?

Don’t forget to listen to the song for the day!!!!!!! Flawless by Mercy Me

And here is the smartphone wallpaper image for the day:

8 Comments on “The Redeemed Challenge – Day 28

  1. A complete cleansing from sin. Made possible because of what Jesus did on the cross. What hope there is in God’s forgiveness. Not good works or best intentions can clean us of the stain of sin, only the blood of Jesus can.

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  2. I grew up in New York and the way Bridget explained the snow was beautifully accurate. Thanks to her I look at myself as blanketed in it this morning and as the SON rises and I make my way into the day I want to dazzle and sparkle in HIS forgiveness. Thank you Bridget for making my tired eyes open with this beautiful reminder. Out come my SONglasses!!

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