Gratitude 2019 Recap

If you know me, then you know I believe we all should practice gratitude. In my own life I have seen how gratitude has helped transform my thoughts. And as a result, it also has made a positive impact on my life.

Each evening I try to write down at least five things that I am thankful for. Usually I focus on good things that happened during that particular day. It can be easy to get caught up in all the negative things that occur in our lives. But when we intentionally look for the good, we will see that even though our lives might contain obstacles, they also contain a myriad of blessings.

Practicing gratitude is a habit we should all strive to achieve in our lives. So if you need a gratitude boost, I have compiled my gratitude posts from this past November. Enjoy!

(Note that some of the links are my posts from this website, and some are my posts from the Christians Read website.)

Grateful for My Journal

Grateful for Music

Grateful for Rest

Grateful for the Lord

Grateful for a Guarded Heart

Grateful for Today

Grateful for Our People

Grateful for Thanksgiving

3 Comments on “Gratitude 2019 Recap

  1. Thanks for compiling this list. I felt specially lead to read Grateful for Today and it was definitely worth the read. Gratitude is one of those hard habits to cultivate, your practice with it is inspiring me to change my perspective more often.

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    • I am so glad to hear you got some meaning out of the post! You’re right that gratitude can be difficult to grab a hold of. But it is possible. Unfortunately, I still complain sometimes. But looking back since I started working on gratitude over 2 years ago, I can definitely see a change in my attitude. I wish you the best in your gratitude endeavor! And Happy New Year!

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