The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 1

I am so excited to be hosting the Whole Heart Challenge! I hope you are excited too! I decided to hold the challenge this month because it falls during Lent. If you want to join the Whole Heart Challenge, then I invite you to grab a copy of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. We will meet up here each Tuesday and Saturday throughout the month to discuss each of the nine chapters in the book.

Today we are discussing chapter 1. One of the things that we touched on in this chapter of the book was the story of the prodigal son, which is found in Luke 15:11-32. I really love this parable because it illustrates just how much our heavenly Father loves us. When we walk on this earth, we will have doubts, pain, regrets, heartache, and difficulties. All of these things tend to consume us as we walk through them. As a result, they take our eyes off of our Father because we are too focused on our worries. And in turn, we might forget just how much the Lord loves us. As time goes on, we might let life get in the way of our relationship with Him. But when we read this story in the Bible, it reminds us of God’s unfailing love. And hopefully it will help draw us closer to Him. Whatever you are facing today, remember that God loves you beyond measure. And He will help you with any battle you might be up against. Just turn towards Him and He will be there.

Share in the comments: Was there something from this chapter of the book that resonated with you?

Here is today’s song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Whole Heart by Brandon Heath.



9 Comments on “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 1

  1. I’ve hesitated because I’m afraid He’ll ask me to do something I don’t want to, mostly because I fear failing Him. Thanks for the opportunity to focus on doing something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, giving myself wholly to God.

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    • I understand completely! I used to pray prayers like “I give you my life to do whatever you want with … but please don’t hurt me or my family!” I had to learn trust. We will get to a chapter in trust later in the month! And I had to learn that He is enough. I am so glad you are here on this journey with me! 💕

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  3. Really enjoyed the first chapter. Made me think if I am truly giving my whole heart to God. I must admit I do feel scared to pray for God to take me deeper as I know it would not be an easy process of refining and of growing. But I believe that when God nudges you to a deeper, whole hearted relationship with Him, spending more time with Him helps us grow in our trust of letting Him be in control of it all.

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    • I understand! Thinking about handing God certain things can make me feel anxious too! I heard a podcast yesterday in which the guest said something like – to get to the healthiest place might mean taking the hardest path. But the good news is that when we are obedient and give God everything, we can trust that He will be faithful in return. And you are right, spending more time with Him does help build our trust! Thanks for commenting! I am glad you enjoyed the first chapter! 💜

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  4. I’m really bad about putting more focus on my anxiety and worries instead of pausing to trust God. This chapter really made me stop and think. It’s Him I need to turn to!

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    • Such a good point! I think this is a common reaction we all have. Whatever is worrying us seems so big in our eyes. But we forget that our God is bigger! What a peaceful feeling to know that God is there and we can hand our troubles over to Him! 🌹

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