The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 3

Today we are discussing chapter 3 of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. In chapter 3 we talk about prayer. Some people are amazing prayer warriors and consistently meet the Lord in prayer. But there are many people who hesitate when it comes to prayer. At times we might feel as though we are bothering God, because our troubles seem trivial in comparison to larger problems others are facing. But one important thing to remember is that God cares. God cares about you, and God cares about the things you are going through. He will never turn you away when you meet Him in prayer.

I like to keep a list of people and issues to pray about. This helps me to pray for them often and not forget something or someone. I have found that spending time with God first thing in the morning is the best way to start the day. But I also talk to the Lord all throughout the day. I also often pray when I am in bed and trying to sleep. This helps me to end my day with the Lord and gives me contentment as I drift off to sleep. And I also like to pray while I am driving, since I have a long commute. Try to find different times and methods that work best for you. God will always be there, ready to listen!

Share in the comments: Was there something from this chapter of the book that resonated with you?

Don’t forget to check out today’s song: Broken Prayers by Riley Clemmons

(If you want to join the Whole Heart Challenge, then I invite you to grab a copy of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. We will meet up here each Tuesday and Saturday throughout the month to discuss each of the nine chapters in the book.)


9 Comments on “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 3

  1. Prayer is truly a treasure and a privilege. To be able to talk to God anytime and anywhere is something so so precious and wonderful.
    I was touched by the story of how your loved one was lifted up through prayer when she was in the hospital.
    There is this analogy I cannot remember where I picked it up from – we are like a clothes iron – hot when plugged in and pretty useless when not. The plugged in part is our plugging into God through prayer. We are effective in our purpose and too hot to be touched by the enemy and when not plugged in through prayer we are ineffective in fulfilling our purpose and no protection from enemy attacks too.
    Blessings 😊💙

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    • I love that analogy. Thanks for sharing that. I have never heard it before. But it is so true. I think prayer is something many of us overlook when life is going well. Then when there is a big worry, that is when many people decide to start praying. But we can talk to God all the time about anything and everything. How wonderful is it that He is always there to listen. 💕

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  2. I’ve depended on prayer all my life. I’ve read a lot of books. The Kendrick Brothers’ “Battle Plan for Prayer” was one of my favorites. God has blessed me with some awesome prayer warriors. Debbie Kay, over at Hope for the Broken Hearted, has taught me a lot about talking with God, trust, gratitude, specifics. I love starting every day with whatever prayer she posts on her blog. She also posts on FB, which helps me be more mindful.

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  3. I’ve often struggled with prayer because I keep seeing all the ways you’re “supposed” to pray. However, when I realized that I can talk to God my own way, prayer became a lot easier. I just talk to Him all day now! 🙂 Keeping a list of issues and people to pray about is a really good idea.

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    • I know what you mean. I have struggled too, thinking my prayers aren’t eloquent enough. But God always meets us right where we are. And it brings Him joy to converse with us. In my mind, it reminds me of singing. I am not a good singer at all. But I still love to sing praise songs. I have often wondered if my singing brings Him joy, even though I can’t sing well. And I imagine it does. I believe prayer is the same. One person might pray differently than another, but they both bring Him joy just because they are talking to Him. And it draws us closer to Him! 🌹

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