Luke 7

Read Luke 7 in your Bible. Or you can also read it here.

When I was reading Luke 7, I found a key theme among the verses. That theme is Faith. In verses 1-10 we see the great faith of the Centurion who knew that all Jesus had to do was say the word and the Centurion’s servant would be healed. In verses 11-17, Jesus’ act of raising someone from the dead likely caused the witnesses faith to grow. In verses 36-50 we also see the sinful woman whose faith saved her.

We can see throughout this chapter how important faith is. Our faith should be the center or our lives. We shouldn’t try to work faith into our lives. Everything we do in life should revolve around our faith.

Even the story of John the Baptist questioning Jesus, found in verses 18-35 touches on faith. But it might seem a little odd to us that John the Baptist’s faith seems to waver here. Everything we already know about this man screams of his great faith. So why did he question Jesus at this point? Well, at this time John was in prison. Things in his life and environment were bleak. It can be easy for our faith to falter when it is not properly fed. So this shows us the importance of feeding our faith, no matter what we are going through in our lives. If we don’t feed it, it will deteriorate. Whatever we feed in our hearts will grow. We can feed our faith or we can feed our doubt. We have a choice.

But there is something else I want to point out about this story. John questioned Jesus, and Jesus reassured John. When our faith does waver, there are times when we will recognize that our faith is not what it ought to be. And we might realize we want to have more faith and less doubt. During these times, we can reach out to the Lord and tell Him how we are feeling. We can ask Him to help strengthen our faith and He will be there every time to encourage us and restore us. Remember that Jesus walked this earth and understands everything we are going through. He is caring and compassionate and will see you through your doubts, if you reach out to Him.

If you are also participating in the Gratitude Challenge, today is day 78 of 100. We are getting there! I hope you will find much to be thankful for today!

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10 Comments on “Luke 7

  1. This chapter truly is a picture of faith. I see myself through John’s eyes. I’m sure all God’s people have been in that position once in their lifetime. After the passing of my sister and mother, my faith was hit hard. I’m thankful the Lord never leaves us. Even in our physical weakness, God gives strength! Oh what a Savior ❤️🙏🏽✝️

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  2. That’s a good one !!!
    The man had great faith !!!
    What I found very interesting is:
    In Luke 7:9. It says that the mans faith made
    JESUS marvel !!!
    Imagine marveling HIM

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    • Dean! How are you? It’s great to hear from you! And you are absolutely right! That is a bold statement. I pray that we can learn to have such great faith!! 🙌✝️🙏


  3. I do like the theme that you pointed out in this chapter- faith. We see faith demonstrated in different ways. The centurion showed confidence in Jesus with his faith and at the same time it made him realise that the best he does is like filthy rags when compared to Christ and so he recognises that he is unworthy.
    Seeing Christ at work built faith ( dead boy) and
    Faith led to repentance and worship (woman)
    John the Baptist- not to rely on past incredible faith moments. We are all susceptible to having moments of doubt – we should take them to Jesus.
    Awesome post today Bridget. 🤗🌺

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    • This chapter really spoke to me and reminded me that it’s all about faith. We try so hard in life, in our own strength. But it’s not about us. It’s all about Him. And when we put our complete faith and trust in Him, it changes everything! Thank you, dear friend! 🌹

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    • Thanks, Gail! I’m glad you’re here. December is always a whirlwind and I fear that we lose sight of our Savior. So my hope is that this helps us to keep the reason for the season front and center. 🙌✝️🙏

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  4. I am thankful that we can call out to the Lord at any time. And as you mentioned, we must feed our faith daily. Otherwise, we will struggle. We need our spiritual food.

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