Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Jesus arrested with no cause
His own disciple betrayed Him
A robe placed on His shoulders
A crown of thorns made on a whim

Jesus was flogged and ridiculed
Instead of Him, a murderer set free
Jesus had to drag His own cross
As He marched uphill to pay our fee

Jesus paid the price willingly
He did it for me and for you
Many have been invited
But acceptance is by but a few

They placed Jesus in a tomb
A stone secured it tight
But the stone rolled away
Darkness couldn’t hold the Light

Jesus defeated sin and death
When He rose from the grave
It was out of pure love
That His one life He gave

I hope and pray that you have accepted Jesus into your life. If you haven’t, but you are ready to do so, see the prayer HERE. This will be the most important decision you ever make.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

© 2022 Bridget A. Thomas

25 Comments on “Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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      • I’m good, just apparently can’t get on a blogging(writing) routine these days🤷‍♀️…it’s okay though, I’m enjoying reading other’s posts these days and just listening to what God’s been patiently teaching me.
        I hope you are well too!?

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      • I’m glad you are doing well. All is well here too. Thank you for asking. And yes, don’t worry too much about not blogging right now. Sometimes God calls us to take a time of rest and draw closer to Him. 🤗♥️

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  2. Praise God the darkness cannot hold the Light! He turns darkness into light in our lives(2 Samuel 22:29)–Hallelujah! I can’t imagine trying to navigate through life without the Light of Jesus.

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