Keep Praising, Keep Praying, Keep Giving Thanks

At our church, we begin the service with worship before we move into the sermon. A few weeks ago during worship, the worship leader said that God was up to something good. Then we started singing a praise song with those words in the lyrics. But very quickly things took a turn. Suddenly, the power went out!

(Let me back up a bit by saying that the following day Vacation Bible School was starting. This means that a lot of extra equipment was set up and plugged in. So this obviously wasn’t a normal occurrence.)

But something wonderful happened. Despite the circumstances, the congregation continued worshiping. We didn’t let this hiccup stop us from praising God. For those that knew the words, they kept singing. And for those who weren’t familiar with the song, and had to rely on the television screens that normally displayed the lyrics, they clapped their hands in rhythm with the tune.

As we continued praising, different pieces of the electronics came up, one by one. And the rest of the service went on as planned.

But this service taught me a lesson. No matter what is going on around us, we have an opportunity to keep praising the Lord. We don’t have to let our circumstances stop us from singing God’s praises. God deserves all the glory and praise, no matter what. He is always good, He is always working on our behalf. He is always there.

Our problems might tell a different story. The enemy might try to whisper lies in our ears. But we don’t have to listen. We can choose to keep our eyes on the magnificence of our Father.

And something else I learned – it feels so good to keep praising God, even when things around us say we shouldn’t. I had a big smile on my face as we continued singing and clapping on that Sunday morning.

When we focus on the goodness of God, it helps our hearts to overflow. Praising God takes our attention off of any issues we might be facing. The more we focus on our problems, the bigger they seem to become. But on the other hand, praising God keeps our eyes on Him. And when we focus on Him and how amazing He is, our troubles seem to shrink in comparison to His greatness. Praising God also helps us to see that the Lord is our source. He is our strength, our provider, and our shepherd. Praising God reminds us that we don’t have to worry and fret because we have the Most High God by our side.

Some of my favorite Bible verses come from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” They are words I know well, yet I was recently struck anew by them. I was reading a devotional – Fighting Words by Ellie Holcomb – and in one of the entries the author referenced these verses. The part that really hit me was that it is God’s will for us to rejoice, pray, and give thanks. I knew those three things were important, but these verses show us how vital they are. It’s no wonder we feel better when we implement these three practices into our daily lives – because they are in God’s will! Ellie put it this way, “Whenever I begin to direct my joy, my desires, my doubt, my cries for help, my worry toward Jesus, something changes in my heart. And I have a sneaking suspicion on why that happens—because I’m living right in the middle of God’s will for me! Did you catch that part about this passage? We don’t have to fret about finding what God’s will is for our life—it’s right here! When we rejoice, pray, and give thanks, there’s no question or doubt: we’re living in God’s will.”

This is something I want to tuck away in my heart each day. Whether things are going well or if problems arise, I want to remember to focus on God’s goodness. I want to focus on rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks. No matter what comes our way, let’s keep praising the Lord. Let’s keep seeking Him in prayer. And let’s keep giving thanks.

Thank you for reading!

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26 Comments on “Keep Praising, Keep Praying, Keep Giving Thanks

  1. As I read this Bridget, I was picturing it. It would have definitely been a special experience. There is nothing like remembering that all it takes for us to raise our voice in praise and worship is to just make a choice to do that. I think we need that reminder. It is easy to get caught up in what goes wrong and focus on that but this just reminded me to be intentional about praising God even if my surroundings does not feel ideal for it.

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    • You said that so well! Two words in particular from your comment jumped out at me – choice and intentional. You are so right. We simply have to choose to praise God. And we have to be intentional about praising God… By the way, the Lord has been putting that very word – “intentional” – on my heart over the last several weeks. He has been showing me that I need to live an intentional life. This touches on so many different things. And one of those things is praising Him…. May His praises stay on our lips. Even when we don’t feel like it, He will use our praises to bring joy to our hearts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always love hearing from you. Have a blessed weekend, my friend. ♥️🤗🦋

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  2. Awesome testimony! God’s power was operating through the praises of His people. My church now doesn’t have VBS but I always loved going when I attended churches that had it. And those verses in Thessalonians are some of my favorites. An elder gave them to me years ago when I was jobless. It gave me joy to know even though I was unsure of God’s will for a job, I was right in the center of His perfect will by rejoicing, praying and giving thanks. I really enjoyed your post Bridget, thank you! 🥰

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    • I am sorry I missed this! My notifications are acting odd lately. I love the story you shared! What peace that must have brought to you, especially in the midst of a trying time. Thank you for sharing that, Dawn! God is so amazing. I al continually awed by His love for us! 🙌♥️🙏

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  3. I loved this! We can praise him no matter what we have going on or what unexpected things happen that could interrupt it. 🙌🏻❤️

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  4. Wonderful word! I’ll join you in praising the Lord for ALL that He is doing, will do or has already done! Praise the Lord! 🙏🏽 Amen, amen and amen

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  5. AMEN, Bridget! Similar circumstances occurred to us years ago. Our praise team was presenting a concert when the power went out, but we singers kept singing and the instrumentalists continued playing their instruments. And you are so right: it felt GOOD to worship in the face of mishap! Thank you for sharing the lessons you drew from your experience.

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    • How wonderful! I loved hearing your story, Nancy! Thanks for sharing that. I pray we can make praise and worship a part of our daily lives, because I truly believe that it helps change our perspective in a positive way. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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  6. Hallelujah and Amen Bridget!!


    Love 💕 Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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  7. Love this!! ‘Rejoice, pray, and give thanks!!!’ I need this reminder daily! Gonna grab my little decorative chalkboard and write these words on it, thanks so much Bridget for sharing! ❤️❤️❤️

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  8. It does feel good to praise the Lord in the middle of life’s hiccups. He is always worthy of that praise. I appreciate your enthusiasm and that you pointed out that it feels good because we are in God’s will when we are doing as He wants us to do regardless of circumstances. More often than not we can’t see where He is leading us and the road can get tough. But we also know that He works all things for good, so we can expect that He is always working on our behalf and the beat. (His very best) is yet to come. Thanks for that positive and enthusiastic reminder. Have a wonderful week my dear friend. 🌺🦋🌻🌳🙏💕

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    • You are absolutely right! We must reminder ourselves to walk by faith, and not by sight. God will never let us down. I pray that your week is wonderful too, my friend! 🤗


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