Happy August

Can you believe it is August already? The changing of the months is a great time for reflection. Yesterday author Annie F. Downs posted on Instagram, mentioning that she made a list of all the blessings July held for her. I thought this was a wonderful idea! What a fabulous way to end each month. One blessing in my July was a trip to the mountains. What about you? Did your July hold any special moments? I hope so.

I also wanted to share what I posted on the Christian Reads blog today. I hope you enjoy it!

And just for fun, below is a picture of how the sky looked last night. God’s beautiful artwork!

9 Comments on “Happy August

  1. Awesome artwork! The most influential artist is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ!

    I think if we focused on our blessings more we wouldn’t be facing so many emotions.

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  2. We didn’t get a trip into the mountains this Summer, but we did enjoy the mountain views on a “Road Trip Rescue.” I’ll share this on my blog soon. Happy August to you too, Bridget! It’s going by so fast!

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