Lessons from Flowers

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a restful weekend!

I wanted to share my Christians Read blog post in which I talked about a lesson learned from a Blue Moon Rose. I hope you enjoy it!

Yesterday my husband and I were in Lowe’s. We go to that store quite often. (In fact I was just informed that we will be going back later today!) Hubby likes to joke that it is one of my favorite places, but it’s really one of his favorites. Although we have been in there so much, I am usually able to save us time by knowing where to find whatever it is we happen to be looking for. Yesterday we wanted to purchase some new hummingbird feeders because some of ours were on their last legs.

We also meandered through the garden area. I’m sure you know you can find a wide variety of plants and flowers in Lowe’s. But on this particular day it had me thinking about how many different trees, plants, flowers, bushes, fruits, vegetables, and so on that God created. All in what appears to be a short period of time, He thought up countless types of plants. And even when you narrow it down to, let’s say tomatoes, there are still numerous different types of tomatoes. Yesterday as I looked at the flowers, I noticed that distinct blooms on the same plant looked slightly unique from its neighbor.

And the same is true with you and me. Almost all humans are born with ears, eyes, a nose, a mouth, arms, and legs. Yet we are all different. Even so-called identical twins have their differences. God made us all unique and special. We all have our own quirks, personality traits, gifts, and talents. How amazing that out of billions of people, you cannot find two who are exactly the same. What an illustration of how our loving Father took His time in crafting each one of us.

It’s funny that my pastor usually speaks about things that have already been floating around in my head. One of the things he mentioned this morning was how we are all unique. He said that in today’s culture you will find many people who try to be the same. They want the same haircut, the same clothing, the same style, etc. But God didn’t want us all to be the same. We are unique and should cherish our differences.

So I wanted to leave you with that thought today. Remember how special you are. Instead on criticizing yourself for your quirks, celebrate your uniqueness. God created you and He doesn’t make mistakes!

21 Comments on “Lessons from Flowers

  1. My husband practically lives in Lowe’s. 🤣 I love this!! I definitely criticize myself a lot and I need to accept myself the way I am. Thank you for this reminder! 💕

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  2. Great post Bridget! There’s a lot I could say… we’re so used to a “norm” that we put ourselves aside to appease everyone else. We should be like flowers! Be who we’re made to be! Flowers aren’t blabbing about each other lol!!!!

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    • LOL, Good point! As humans there are a lot of things that can bring us down. But the majority come from the enemy who wants to destroy us… So flowers have it made. They are free to be themselves 😜

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  3. We have a very similar way of seeing things. Or at least God speaks to us visually. Your post reminds me of one I did on the difference in our cats voices, and how every cats voice is unique. We see the same things. God shows us in different ways. That’s pretty neat too. Unique people, unique relationships and circumstances, but also similar enough that we can see that it comes from God. Great post! Thank for sharing. Your flower pics are lovely. 😊

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    • I will have to look for your post on the cats voices. I love that! It’s amazing how God will reveal things to us, when we open our eyes and ears to Him. And I love that our perspectives were intertwined here. When something looks like a “coincidence” I like to think God had His hand in it and is trying to tell us something. 😊

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