Giving God Your Whole Heart – Now in Paperback

What a beautiful morning in my neck of the woods! I don’t know what the low was last night, but at 8 AM the temperature was 54Β°. A small taste of fall before the thermometer works its way up to a high in the upper 80s.

The Lord greeted us with a majestic sunrise. I always love seeing the sunrise and the sunset. When I see the sunrise peeking over the horizon, I see God wishing me a good morning. When I see the sky streaked with brilliant yellows, oranges, and pinks in the evening, I see God sending me a hug as I end my day.

God is always there, by our sides, every moment of every day. Unfortunately, there are times when we forget this and we allow obstacles to get in the way of our relationship with Him. When we try to work God unto our lives, we fail because of other priorities on our plates. The key is to make God the center of your life and then you can’t go wrong.

In my book Giving God Your Whole Heart, I talk about our relationship with God and how we can make that relationship stronger. This in turn will help you to find true fulfillment in life.

For those of you who were waiting for the paperback version of the book – it is now available on Amazon! It is also available on Kindle. (Sorry other ebook formats not available yet. I will keep you posted.)

So get yourself something good to drink, grab a copy of my book, and find a comfy seat to sit in and read. If the weather is nice where you are, then perhaps you will want to sit outdoors.

Whatever you wind up doing today, I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!

23 Comments on “Giving God Your Whole Heart – Now in Paperback

  1. Congratulations on the paperback version of the book. Am waiting for the other ebook versions.
    Just wanted to say Thankyou, was sitting here and struggling a bit to let go and let God have the complete
    control of some things and I read your post where you reminded me to let God be the centre and not let obstacles get in the way of our relationship with Him and I just prayed for that-trying not to
    work God into situations but keep Him where He should be , right in the centre and let everything else flow from there.
    So thankyou again Bridget. May God bless you and may this book reach and speak to many many people out there.

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  2. you absolutely are amazing ! while feeling a little sad , at the end of your , 30 day post with a song for each , was the greatest ever !! I decided to read your first book again “Everyday is a Gift ” oops ! you wrote another already ! How exciting !!! I can’t wait !! sunrises & sunsets , I also love , your explanation is so Beautiful .
    Thank you so much Bridget , you are a Blessing !!!!

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    • Thank you very much! I am honored that you enjoyed the Redeemed Challenge so much and that you were planning to re-read Every Day is a Gift! Yes my third book is now available on Amazon. If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it. I am so glad you liked the explanation of the sunrises and sunsets. God is such an amazing artist and my husband is often saying how the sky is never the same. Thanks so much for commenting! You are a blessing too 😘


  3. AMEN ! God is the only majestic , king of beauty , different seasons , some people don’t like snow , I guess because its cold , “but” if you really look at it ,day or night it is absolutely “Beautiful” so quiet, so peaceful! especially at night , there is nothing like it . Fall leaves are extraordinary . The oceans are beautiful to look at just as well. there is Gods Love and beauty everywhere all year long , just for us to see . Every once in a while ,make it a habit . take the time to take a peek you will be amazed .
    you will also look at things differently than before.

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