The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 5

Today we are discussing chapter 5 of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. We all long for something. Many of us have a deep well inside of us that we never seem to be able to fill. Deep down we can’t seem to find true contentment. We try to fill ourselves up with different things. We feel empty, so we distract ourselves with momentary excitement. In our society today, it is worse than ever. I am sad when I think about this and how people are easily swayed. They think that their phone, social media, video games, shopping, and many other things will bring them happiness. But the only way we will ever find true fulfillment is with Jesus. He is the only one who can quench our thirst. He is the only one who can fill that void inside. When we take time to just sit in His presence with no distractions, nothing but Him, we will get to taste that Living Water that He talks about. Our souls will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Share in the comments: Was there something from this chapter of the book that resonated with you?

Don’t forget to listen to today’s song. It is such a happy song! What a Friend by Matt Maher

(If you want to join the Whole Heart Challenge, then I invite you to grab a copy of my book, Giving God Your Whole Heart. We will meet up here each Tuesday and Saturday throughout the month to discuss each of the nine chapters in the book.)


11 Comments on “The Whole Heart Challenge – Chapter 5

  1. No surprise that I enjoyed this chapter very much too.
    The story of your brother following another car made me laugh. It is true though we sometimes end up following something that seems right and good at that time but it can take us down the wrong path.
    I can also relate to having the itch to grab my phone if I am idle for more than a few seconds. I once forgot my phone when I had to take my son for his drum lesson and oh boy, I then realised how I am unable to sit without that crutch to spend my time. I admit I am not on social media all the time but I do use my phone to read a lot but that should not be a reason to be unable to just be in the moment.
    Nothing indeed quenches our thirst like the Lord does. May we strive to keep the blessings in our lives from taking centre stage so as not to forget the one who was the source of those blessings.
    God bless you dear friend 😊💙

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    • The subject in this chapter is something I am very passionate about. It pains me to see how people (myself included) keep grabbing so many other things, when Jesus is the true source of our joy and strength. Just a few days ago I noticed I kept checking my phone over and over. I did have good reason. (Loved ones were traveling and supposed to keep in touch.) But still, I did not need to keep checking it that often. And if they texted or called, then obviously my phone would have made a noise. It just seemed to be a nervous habit. And not one I like either. I noticed it made me stressed by the end of the evening. But I agree with you, even if we are doing something productive on our phones (like reading) we still need to learn to just enjoy the moment at times. I have been making a conscious effort lately to intentionally avoid my phone altogether on Sabbath. If someone texts me, I will answer. But other than that, I try my best to not look at it. It has been very refreshing. Thank you for commenting and sharing your heart. I am glad you enjoyed this chapter. God bless you too! 💜

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  2. This makes me think about what C.S. Lewis wrote: Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. Apart from Christ those things can’t bring us joy, peace and contentment, but with Him we can enjoy all things. We appreciate everything more when we put Him first. ☺ I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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    • Ah what a great quote! Thanks for sharing that. Yes you are so right. I love the way you put that! “We appreciate everything more when we put Him first.” So true!! And thank you. I am having a lovely day and I hope you are too! 💕

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  3. Another timely chapter. I’ve recently quit playing computer games. At first, I spent only 5-10 minutes, but that time was increasing. I’ve tried rationing, but I lost track of time, even with a timer. So I cut it. I turned on music instead of podcasts, today, and have enjoyed the day more. While reading the chapter, today, I unsubscribed from from a YouTube channel and deleted several videos without opening them. I’m learning to turn the television off. Curious to see what other changes are brought about by learning to choose Him first.

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    • Judy, thank you for sharing this. It brought tears to my eyes. But I do completely understand. It can be so easy to fill our days with a variety of things. These things by themselves aren’t necessarily bad things. But when we add them up, they do distract us and take up time we could be spending with Jesus. I have to be careful because I too have gotten wrapped up in podcasts, games, Instagram, etc. So thank you for sharing your heart. Your comment was inspiring and a blessing!

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      • Maybe it will help if I mention that the channel was a doctor covering every aspect of the current virus, and the videos were about the virus. I realized that not one, not a single one, mentioned God. I kept thinking, “But God.” I don’t believe in sticking my head in the sand, but I also don’t need to be filled with people who are pedaling fear and ignoring the power of God. Not one mentioned the potential of treatments being studied, even as they spent most of their time speculating about how bad it all would be. God is in control. I need more of that.

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      • Good point. Much of the media is causing fear to grow. Yes, it is important to stay informed. However as Christians we have to remember that our God is bigger than any virus. You are right, God is in control. Trusting Him during this time of uncertainty is vital. Thanks for sharing that!

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  4. The story of your sister and brother-in-law was so funny! It’s a good thing the guy was nice, though. I think in today’s world it’s so easy to get off the path and go the wrong way. I’ve noticed that when I get anxious the first thing I do is grab my phone to play a game. I need to go to God first!

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    • I am the same way! When life gets tough I want something to distract me from whatever I am facing. Often times that means reaching for my phone. You are so right, it is easy to go down the wrong path, especially in our culture. All the things we tend to reach for are the norm. But so many people are missing out on life because they are not living it. My husband and I went out to eat last week and I saw quite a few people on their phones in the restaurant instead of talking to the family sitting in front of them. It was sad. We can’t change everyone. But at least we can make better choices ourselves. Thank you for commenting, Michelle! I am glad the story about my sister and brother-in-law gave you a laugh! 😁

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