Gratitude Challenge Day 1

Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we come before You with an open heart this month. Over the next thirty days, we ask You to help us keep our focus in the right direction. We pray that through this challenge, our hearts will be filled. This year has been a struggle, Lord. There have been so many things that have brought us fear, discouragement, and devastation. But instead of allowing the circumstances of this year to crush us, we are going to remember to treasure life in a new way. We are going to remember that every day is a gift from You. We are taking a step forward in faith towards You. This month, we are going to cling to You. God, we want to be overwhelmed by Your goodness this month. Please open our eyes to all the beauty around us. Lord, we ask You to please bless this time and help us each to grow closer to You. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Practice Gratitude: What are you thankful for? Write down at least three things that come to mind. I am thankful for the overwhelming love of God, I am thankful for a new day, and I am thankful to be embarking on this journey with you.

Praise. Here is today’s song! Enjoy! Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave

Please share in the comments if today’s reading spoke to you. Or you may add a prayer, your gratitude list, praise, etc.

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15 Comments on “Gratitude Challenge Day 1

  1. Such a beautiful prayer. I was so blessed by it.
    I am thankful for His unending love, to be on this journey with you and for my family.
    Blessings dear friend 💙

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    • I am so glad you enjoyed the prayer. I hope and pray we can keep our focus on the Lord all month. Thank you for sharing what you are grateful for. All three items were beautiful. I am excited to see what God has in store for us over the next thirty days. Blessings to you too, Manu!! ❤️

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  2. The prayer was the perfect way to kick off the gratitude challenge! With so much negativity today, asking God to open our eyes to positive thoughts and circumstances around us is much needed. I am thankful for you, for a roof over our heads, and the ability to use my own personal belongings to make our situation more comfortable.

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    • I am glad you enjoyed the prayer. You are right, with all the negativity right now, we need to stay focused on positivity. I love the things that you said you were grateful for. Some of us take it for granted that we have our own home and our own belongings. But the truth is, those things are a privilege. So thank you for that reminder. 🍁🍂

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  3. Only day one but such strength in your prayer, words, and choice of music. I’m with you for this awesome journey! Love you!

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    • I am so happy to hear that today’s post spoke to you! And of course I am thrilled to know you will be along for the journey! Love you too, dear friend! ❤️


  4. I am starting a few days behind. Very excited how it has started off. I am thankful to have a God that is my Heavenly Father.

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