A New Outlook

A couple of weeks ago, in a prior post, I touched on the fact that when we are asked how we are doing, many of us say we are “good” even when it’s not really true. But I can think of two people who always give me a different answer.

I have a coworker who tells me that she is taking life one blessing at a time. I really love her outlook. She overflows with gratitude and joy. What an amazing way to greet each day. If we could wake up every morning and tell ourselves that we are living one blessing at a time, imagine how much that would transform the day.

While it’s true that life has its ups and downs, it is also true that we have many blessings in our lives. We have a roof over our heads, we have clothes on our backs, we have food to eat, we have family and friends, and so much more. I am preaching to myself when I say that we need to have a better perspective. Instead of focusing on our problems, we can choose to focus on our blessings. It takes effort to retrain our minds. But it is possible. And when we do, the results are greater than we can imagine. We will see that we have so much to be thankful for. We will see a loving God who is beside us and who cares for us. And we will feel contentment and peace as we face each day.

A guy at a local gas station also gives me a unique answer when I ask him how he is. His reply to me is, “Better than I deserve.” Wow! That response always gets me. And I realize that his answer is true for many of us. This helps me to remember the depth of God’s grace and mercy. We have so much, yet we deserve so little. As Christians, and thanks to Jesus, we are heirs of the Kingdom of God. But it is not by our own merit.

This attitude is similar to the one I first mentioned, as they both can help us to live a life of gratitude. When we humble ourselves and realize that we are not entitled (contrary to the mindset in today’s culture), we will walk each day with thanksgiving in our hearts for all that we have.

When we keep both of these perspectives in mind – living life one blessing at a time and doing better than we deserve – this can help us to view life differently. We can greet each day with a thankful heart. Our focus will become brighter and more optimistic. And each new morning will become an adventure.

LORD, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure. – Psalm 16:5

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© 2021 Bridget A. Thomas

18 Comments on “A New Outlook

  1. What wonderful perspective to have. That approach automatically makes us have a thankful heart. I am going to keep these in mind Bridget and do better.
    Blessings to you my friend 🌺💙🤗

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    • I try to stay positive and thankful. But it can be all too easy to fall into a trap of negativity and ungratefulness. We have to make a choice every day to choose gratitude. And that is something I am trying to cling to right now. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I am glad to know this post resonated with you. Blessings to you too, dear friend ♥️

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      • So true that we tend to skip into focusing on all that goes wrong. It is indeed a choice. And that is why reminders like these help me to recalibrate my focus.

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  2. What awesome responses! Need I say more? Thank you for sharing them, Bridget. Our life problems are one thing, how we handle them makes all the difference. A good and grateful attitude goes a long way. Always fit a smile into your day! God bless you my friend!

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    • So true. We will always have problems. That is just part of life. Be we can choose how we react to them. I pray by the grace of God that we can remain focused on an attitude of gratitude. God bless you too, my friend! 💜


  3. Beautifully encouraging!!! I love this outlook. Super timely as I’ve ran into bumps in the road of life lately and I often wonder how to answer when asked how I am doing…Sure there have been trails but there have definitely been blessings in the midst and I want to turn my focus more toward the blessings and Jesus then to Satan and the negative.

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    • You are not alone! I agree 100%! Lately I have so easily fallen I to focusing on the negative. I am ashamed that I have not been stronger. I realized today through this post and discussing with everyone that I really NEED to make gratitude a priority in my life. I am glad this post was helpful, and I’m praying for you and all you are going through, my friend.

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      • Thank you Bridget!! Sometimes the words (posts) we write provide our very own therapy, it’s neat how God works that way.

        Biopsy this Friday then a little waiting game…could use prayers for peace, patience, a good outcome…and yet His will.

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  4. Hi Bridget. Being thankful makes life so much better. I have at times asked God to help me to be thankful. Our grateful attitude reflects Christ to those around us. There is so much to be thankful for, even in tough times God is faithful.

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    • You are right – gratitude makes our lives better and also is a wonderful way to reflect the heart of Jesus! It can be easy to focus on the negative. But you said it perfectly – even in tough times God is faithful ♥️

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