Luke 11

Read Luke 11 in your Bible. Or you can also read it here.

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” – Luke 11:9-10

Perhaps some of you recall that in 2019 my word for the year was “seek.” And I still hold this word near and dear to my heart. I have made it my life’s mission to seek God wholeheartedly. And it truly is a lifelong journey. We can never fully grasp all of the Lord on this side of heaven. But we can continue to learn more about Him and grow closer to Him every day.

I often feel like there is more of God that I can get in my life. But I also know that a big piece of why I don’t have more of Him is because of my own roadblocks. I know that in every single day, there is more I can do to seek Him. I can spend more time with Him in prayer. I can spend more time reading my Bible. When I am driving home from work, I can choose to turn off the radio and listen for His voice instead. I can choose to turn off the television and read a devotional instead. There are so many choices we can make in our day to choose Him. And with each choice we make, our hearts will be more tightly tethered to the Lord.

May verses 9-10 remind us to ask for more of God, to seek God, and to knock on God’s door. He will give us Himself, we will find Him, and He will answer the door.

Psalm 9:10 says, “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Isn’t that beautiful? God will not forsake those who seek Him. What is one thing you can do today to seek the Lord?

If you are also participating in the Gratitude Challenge, today is day 82 of 100. We are so close!

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6 Comments on “Luke 11

  1. Your words are SO true! We our the biggest roadblock to a closer relationship with God. But I’m SO thankful He is there, listening to the prayers of our heart….my heart ❤️. I know I’m important to the Lord. I’m claiming verses 9 and 10 today! I will seek Him in everything I do today, I will tell Him my worries and make requests for others. I will continue lifting those requests to the Lord until He answers.

    Today I will remember how Thankful, Grateful and Blessed I am each and every day 😇🙏🏽✝️

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  2. Seeking God is a life long journey – so true. We truly can never know Him entirely on this side of heaven and there is definitely more we can do each day to seek him. As I read the part where you wrote about seeking him in the daily things we do, I was literally nodding my head and am in agreement with you.
    Awesome message today to keep seeking God more and more.
    P.s I will be off Wifi for a few days and so will not be able to respond to your posts for a few days but will be right back on it as soon as I am on wifi again.

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    • Thank you, Manu! I pray we can learn to lay aside those things that are keeping us from the Lord, and learn to choose Him more and more! And thank you for telling me about the WiFi. I pray you have a good few days! 🤗♥️

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  3. You’re right, there is more we can do to seek Him. I have found when I ask God (instead of thinking I don’t have time), He will show me the time and opportunities I’m wasting. I love spending time with God too while in the car. Thanks for this reminder Bridget to make choices that draw me closer to the Lord. 🤗

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    • I love that you pointed out that we can ask God to show us the opportunities. So true! And yet so often we try to figure it out on our own. But He is always there to help us, when we call on Him! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dawn! ♥️

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