Gratitude Challenge Day 5

Pray: Dear God, there are so many blessings in our lives. Too often we overlook them and focus on the negative. So today we will make a point to look for all the good things in our lives. Help us to be alert and keep our eyes open to the goodness around us. Even when we are facing an issue, we will be diligent to look for the silver lining. Help us to see that life is not full of disappointments, but is overflowing with blessings. At times we turn small mishaps into more than what they really are. It can be so very easy to focus on difficulties and overlook the abundance of grace in our lives. We regret all the time we have wasted in the past, with eyes that focused on the negative. We want to change that and keep our hearts open to see all the beauty around us. And when troubles come our way, we simply have to remember who our God is. You make a way, where there is no way. You are a miracle worker. You keep your promises. No obstacle is too small for You to overcome. You are always working behind the scenes, even when it doesn’t seem like it from our limited view. And You are always working things out for our good. Help us to keep these truths in mind and help us to alter our perspectives, Lord. We want to honor you with our outlooks and our attitudes, today and every day. Thank you, Lord, for opening our eyes in a new way. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Practice Gratitude: What are you thankful for? I am thankful for all of the silver linings that God has put in our lives. I am thankful that our amazing God is a way maker, miracle worker, and promise keeper. I am thankful that even when it doesn’t seem like it or feel like it, GOD IS WORKING!

Praise. Here is today’s song! Enjoy! Way Maker performed by Mandisa

Please share in the comments if today’s reading spoke to you. Or you may add a prayer, your gratitude list, praise, etc.

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11 Comments on “Gratitude Challenge Day 5

  1. I’m thankful for opportunities to help others. Now that I’m retired, my family and friends have called on me to help them when their in a pinch and/or use expertise that I have to help them in a situation. I’m thankful to “stand in the gap” on their behalf.

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  2. Amen 🙏🏽 God is always working for our good. I love what you wrote in the prayer- let’s honour God with our outlook and attitude.

    I am thankful for His abundant grace, for my bible study group and My mom and dad.
    I loooove the way maker song 🎧.

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    • I am so thankful to know that God is always in control. And it grieves me to think of the times I have grumbled about minor things, not trusting Him. So, yes, I hope to honor God with my outlook and attitude! I love the things which you said you were thankful for! And I am so glad I picked a song you love today. It is a good one, for sure! Blessings!! ❤️

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  3. Great post for day 5! Two things stood out to me, asking God to open our eyes in a new way, and that He is a “way maker”. I’m thankful for the ability to alter my mindset and focus on the many blessings we have been given, I’m thankful for a good night’s sleep, and I’m thankful for my family.

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    • Thank you! I am so happy you got some meaning out of today’s post. And thank you for sharing the things you are grateful for! Those are definitely all good things to be thankful for! 🍂🍁

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  4. This part of your prayer really stood out to me today: “We regret all the time we have wasted in the past…” That’s so true! As I get older I look back and realize how much time I wasted when I should have been spending it with God.
    Today I’m thankful for a loving and forgiving God, that my parents are only 3 minutes away from me now, and for my sight.

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