Gratitude Challenge Day 27

Pray: Dear Lord, we each have different concerns weighing on our minds, today and everyday. Life keeps us on our toes, to say the least. But one valuable lesson we have learned over the past few weeks is that we need Your strength in our lives. We need Your help, we need Your guidance, we need Your protection. God, the bottom line is that we need You! We thank You, Lord, for being there for us. You are always, always there. What a comfort that is. We have nothing to worry about because Almighty God is by our side. We just need to call out to You. We thank You for Your steadfast love. And we surrender our lives to You and we give You full control. Too often we allow our worries to take our eyes off of You. So we will make a conscious effort to hand them over to You. We will walk in peace, knowing that our Heavenly Father is on the throne. You go before us, You stand behind us and You are beside us in everything we face. Thank You, Lord, for these comforting truths. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Practice Gratitude: What are you grateful for today? I am grateful to know that God’s plans cannot be thwarted. I am grateful that God is always before us, behind us, and beside us. And I am grateful that I do not have to face anything in my own strength, but I can rely on the strength of the Lord.

Praise. Here is today’s song! Enjoy! Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin

Please share in the comments if today’s reading spoke to you. Or you may add a prayer, your gratitude list, praise, etc.

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9 Comments on “Gratitude Challenge Day 27

  1. I’m grateful for the knowledge that God is in control. I see my Pastor’s transition is near. What does that mean to the ministry? Will members stay or go? Is this the close of Bible Baptist Church? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I know who does!! God does!! He’s not afraid or dismayed. It’s all in His providential path. ❤️🙏🏽

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  2. We need God’s strength, guidance, protection… yes we need Him. Amen to that🙏🏽.
    I too am thankful that the Lord is always before us behind us and beside us ( I love how you described this).
    For my mum – among other things, I can always rely on her to make time to speak to me.
    For my neighbour who was happy to have my car parked in their driveway the whole day today ( had some workmen at our house and their large truck and trailer blocked most of our driveway) It was a small thing but it made it easy for me to go out and come back the couple of times I had to and so I am thankful.
    Blessings dear friend 💙

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    • I agree with all three. One of the things I also added to my gratitude list was laughter. Yesterday I noticed I did a lot of laughing, really laughing, which I don’t normally do.


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